In line with the Kingdom’s rapid GDP growth, STSK strives to support the government’s initiatives in reforming the country’s economy by streamlining its resources in the following areas:

  • Finance: provides standard financial service to middle-to-low income class in order to support entrepreneurial activities of the people in farming, SMEs and education. This investment line aims to assist people to stabilize their source of income so that they can move out of poverty line.
  • Insurance: offers affordable insurance coverage to help people to provide assurance to their beloved family against unexpected financial loss that can arise from accident, illness and disability.
  • Health Care: contributes to health and well-being of the people by providing the best care and treatment to every patient through integrated clinical practices, contemporary medical facilities and cooperation with well-known international medical service providers.
  • Legal: provides skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner by handling each matter with accountability and responsiveness, in order to prioritize the legal aspects of client’s business so that they can focus their attention on the success of their business.